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Most Valuable Business Skill

What skills are necessary for business success? 

Great Idea? Check, dime a dozen

Capital? Check, if you can’t raise money right now something is wrong

Vision, Plan, Execution, Team? Check Check Check and Check. 

Even with all of these elements working perfectly together, it means nothing if you can’t get your product/service in the hands of your customers. 

Why do so many entrepreneurs over look planning their advertising? No, people will no just magically find you and want to give you their money. It takes a unified branding effort, compelling copy, clear vision, and the ability to get thousands of eyeballs on your product.  

Without a shadow of a doubt, the ability to market a product is the most important business skill one can have. Rather than designing the perfect business card or figuring out the perfect witty name for your LLC, spend your time planning actionable steps to get your product in front of your target customers.

Marketing is a complex beast. It is part science and a large part art. I am no expert in the field, but it is a passion I have recently discovered. My latest business has forced me to take a real world crash course in marketing. 

Over the course of this blog I plan on making many posts detailing specific examples on how to improve your marketing efforts. I may even share some marketing plans I have written for my businesses…

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